Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities do you offer for residents?


A courtesy van assists in providing transportation to and from medical appointments.  Our Activity Department also uses the van for various resident events including viewing Christmas lights around town and taking shopping trips to the local mall.


We provide planned activities 7 days a week such as movies, Coffee Talk, musical groups, crafts, puzzles, cooking, and games.  All activities are planned and individualized with each resident’s capabilities and interests in mind.


Church services are held every Sunday.  Special arrangements can be made with clergy from every faith for anyone seeking spiritual comfort and guidance.



What levels of care are provided?


Quality Healthcare Rehab, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy, Skilled nursing care, Respite Care, Hospice Care, Wound Care/Management, Infusion (IV) Therapy, Pain Management, Hospice Care, Enteral Tube Feeding, and Therapeutic Diets



Does Medicare pay for skilled nursing care?


Yes, if you meet the criteria established by Medicare such as being in the hospital for at least 3 days prior to admission.  You have 20 days paid in full by original Medicare per spell of illness.


Beginning on the 21st day there will be a co-insurance amount due per day.  If you do not have a Medicare supplement policy you will be considered self insured and may be responsible for this co-insurance amount yourself.



What happens if the resident does not have the funds to pay for skilled nursing care?


Our office staff will assist you through the Medicaid process.


Does your facility have specialized units?


Our facility does not have specialized units.  Meadows Manor North is a nursing facility with 104 licensed beds. 

We do, however, place emphasis on rehabilitating residents back home if at all possible.  Of those residents here specifically for rehabilitation, 82% return home.  Our goal is to get 100% of rehab residents to return home.


Also, we do take Alzheimer residents; but, if the time comes that we can no longer meet a resident’s needs we will assist you in finding a facility with an Alzheimer’s Unit that can better suit your loved ones needs.