• Medicare & Medicaid Certified

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Respite Care

  • Hospice Care

  • In-patient & Out-patient Services

  • Wound Care

  • IV Therapy

  • Enteral Tube Feeding / Care

  • Therapeutic Diets

  • Financial Assistance

  • Personal Shopping

  • Beauty Salon

  • Personalized Laundry Service

  • Transportation

On-site Medical Services Available

  • Dental Service

  • Psychiatric Service

  • Podiatry Service

  • Lab Draws

  • X-ray

  • Eye Care

Family members and guests are always welcome to visit and enjoy a meal with their loved one.

Tickets for meals are available at the front desk. The holiday seasons are always our busiest visitor days so be sure and call ahead for reservations. Meals are always complimentary on our special cook-out days and we are only too happy to extend an invitation to come and visit.

Meadows Manor North residents also enjoy an array of basic services and amenities that enhance living with options designed to meet each resident’s individual needs.  Our stylists can provide expert hair care for ladies and gentlemen. Beauty salon appointments can be scheduled with the front desk.

We provide support with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, administering medication, physician's care and getting from place to place.

We have a specially equipped van for transportation to and from medical appointments. We provide qualified nurses and expert health care staff to assure you of the best possible care for all of our residents. At Meadows Manor North our residents experience a balance of independence and the right level of care and services in a supportive environment.


We plan a variety of games, such as bingo or cards, music and socials to provide a lively and interesting day.

Our lounges are equipped with large screen televisions for sporting events, favorite shows or religious programming. A monthly activity calendar is published listing all of our fun and exciting activities.

Meadows Manor North is honored to provide many amenities; for instance, personal phones and TVs with cable programming are available for each resident. Wi-Fi is available for those residents interested.  Residents have the opportunity to decorate their room and give it that warm special feeling of home.

Meadows Manor North also takes great care in providing for spiritual nurture.


Everyone is welcome to attend the church service on Sunday and, of course, we welcome all faiths. Special arrangements can be made with clergy from every faith for any one seeking spiritual comfort and guidance.

Find out how our commitment to enhance lives and exceed expectations can benefit you and your family.

Our Quality Healthcare Rehab has state of the art equipment and our therapists strive to create a lively enjoyable experience / atmosphere where you will receive assistance with the exercise plan established by you and your therapist to ensure you are meeting goals.  Our therapists specialize in a variety of patient types, including but not limited to, neurological - CVA/strokes, orthopedic - joint replacement, general decline or weakness, and wound care.

Meadows Manor North and Rehab Strategies are partners in helping you accomplish the therapy goals you and your therapist and medical team have set.  Depending on your needs, physical condition, and rehabilitation goals, you may receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and / or speech therapy.  You will be seen by the therapist 5 - 7 days per week depending on your personal needs.  You can expect that your therapists will be completely informed about your needs and medical condition.  We encourage your family to be involved with your therapy.  Therapy will begin within 24 hours of your arrival to the facility.


I highly recommend Meadow Manor North to anyone needing rehab.  The therapists I had during my stay after knee replacement surgery were absolutely outstanding!  Johnna and Lynn were exceptional about working with me, showing and telling me the exercises I needed to do, and explaining why the exercises were important for my improvement.  They made such a big difference for me.

The staff in my hall were very caring and took care of everything for me.  They took ownership of any questions I had and if they didn't know the answer immediately, they went looking for the answers and reported back to me very quickly!.

Everyone was super friendly--nurses, aides, housekeeping, food service, activities--just everyone!

I had a suite to myself, which was so very nice--privacy if I wanted it but available to anyone who wanted or needed to see me.

                                                                                     Martha Rippy

If you have different needs then what we offer or our location is not convenient, please view the following websites to see if their services are more suitable.


Meadows Manor East

Cannon Inn